Information for employers on how to recruit seasonal workers

On this page you’ll find information about how to access the Seasonal Worker Programme, and recruit seasonal workers.

How to apply to become an Approved Employer?

Employers must first apply to be approved by the Australian Government before they can recruit seasonal workers through the Programme. Once approved, employers are then referred to as ‘approved employers’.

Approved employers enter into agreements with the Australian Government and also enter into a sponsorship arrangement with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. For information on the sponsorship process visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.

Employers may be interested in recruiting a seasonal worker for their own business (such as an orange grower), or they may wish to recruit seasonal workers to place with another business in a labour hire arrangement.

Organisations such as labour hire companies, employers in the agriculture or accommodation industries can apply to employ seasonal workers. Contractors who have been in operation for at least five years and have a record of compliance with immigration and workplace relations requirements are also eligible to apply to become approved employers.

The application form can be found here.

Approved Employer responsibilities

Approved employers have a number of responsibilities when participating in the Programme.

Before seeking access to seasonal workers under the Seasonal Worker Programme, approved employers must first try to recruit local jobseekers and undertake ‘labour market testing’. The Seasonal Worker Programme has an Australian job-seeker first approach, and employers must advertise vacancies and then give first preference to any suitable local jobseekers before filling the vacancies with seasonal workers.

As the employer of seasonal workers, employers are responsible for organising flights, transport and accommodation for workers, ensuring seasonal workers have access to a minimum average of 30 hours of work per week, pastoral care responsibilities, as well as ensuring that the seasonal workers wellbeing is managed. Approved employers have some reporting obligations to the Australian Government providing evidence that workers have been employed and paid in accordance with the Programme and Australian workplace entitlements. The Australian Government has worked with industry to reduce red tape and regulation for employers, while maintaining appropriate safeguards and accountability.

Further information is available in the: Seasonal Worker Program - Approved Employer factsheet.

Approved Employers currently participating in the Seasonal Worker Programme

The organisations listed below are Approved employers who have agreed to have their contact details published on the Seasonal Worker Programme website.  Some of these businesses provide labour hire services, while others recruit workers for their own businesses only.

Contact information of approved employers currently participating in the seasonal worker program
Organisation Contact Name Phone Email
Brockfield Enterprises Pty Ltd Mr Vince Brockfield +61 (07) 4126 2663
Connect Group (Aust) Pty Ltd Mr Michael Fryszer +61 (03) 9792 1949
Dahegam Fresh Produce   0419 418 237
Deep Creek Organics Mr Frank and Mrs Donna Bombaci +61 (03) 5997 1167
EastCoast Human Resource Group Michalle Faulkner (07) 5443 6022
Jobs Australia Enterprises Pty Ltd Mr Nigel Barlow +61 04 2772 5789
Kata Labour Hire Ms Sela Kata +61 (02) 6964 1284
MADEC Australia Marika Woodberry +61 (03) 5025 4042
Mecure Hotel Broome Ms Fran Kirby +61 04 3825 0562
Meander Valley Dairy Sue Williams (03) 6383 4529
Owen Pacific Workforce Mr Grant Owen +61 04 2958 5356
Pinata Farms
Rivercorp Land and Water F.R McLauchlan +61 (08) 8267 6622
Surfnsand Pty Ltd John Ide 0439 879 649
SW Labour Solutions Pty Ltd Ms Valentina Gasperini +61 (08) 9758 8136
The Big Berry Mr Paul Casey +61 (03) 5967 4413
Vernview Pty Ltd Ms Susan Finger +61 (03) 5964 7000
Vinepower Margaret River Pty Ltd David Rankin +61 (08) 9757 2547
Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia Pty Ltd Ms Nicole Rootsey +61 (07) 8296 8000  
Yen Lin International Development Ms Yen Lin Shelton Fan +61 (07) 3422 1426