National Careers Institute


The National Careers Institute will provide leadership in the delivery of high quality, evidence-based career development to enable Australians to make informed decisions about their learning, training and work pathways.

About the Institute

The Institute was established 1 July 2019 as part of the 2019–20 Federal Budget’s Skills and Training Package. It is responding to the Strengthening Skills Expert Review’s (the Review) recommendations for Australia to improve the quality of career development and resolve a significant amount of fragmented and difficult to use career information and services available to all Australians.

The Institute will be informed by research and collaborate with governments, industry, employers and schools to create unified and streamlined career information and services for all Australians.

Activities delivered as part of the NCI are designed with the guiding principle of enabling all Australians to make more informed career decisions at all stages of their lifelong learning.

In 2019-20, the Institute will implement the following key activities to address these recommendations.

Research and Stakeholder Engagement

The Institute is commissioning research on the state of the Australian and international careers sector to:

  • map careers advice and services in Australia to identify gaps and overlaps
  • review international best practice and identify governance models for careers development agencies

The Institute is consulting with:

  • internal Australian Government stakeholders
  • state and territory governments
  • international government agencies (such as Careers New Zealand)
  • industry and employers
  • education providers
  • not-for-profits.

Research and stakeholder consultation will shape and influence the Institute’s strategic priorities.

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Grants Program

A $10 million grants program will fill and/or enhance information and service gaps by cultivating partnerships between industry, employers, schools and tertiary providers to support innovative education and training pathways aligned to the needs of employers. It will draw on existing data sources to determine efficient way to align with labour market needs and opportunities.  The program is currently in its preliminary phase for a scheduled release of February 2020.

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Digital Platform

User-centred research will inform the development of a new, national ‘digital platform’ to provide national cohesion in the delivery of careers information and underpinning tools. Phase 1 for the ‘digital platform’ is scheduled for release July 2020.

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National Careers Ambassador

The National Careers Ambassador (the Ambassador) will be announced in September to facilitate stakeholder engagement and drive the Institute’s agenda. The Ambassador will work to lift the profile of VET and improve the quality of and access to careers advice nationally.

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Raise the Status of VET

The Institute is implementing the VET Information Strategy (the Strategy) which promotes VET as an equal choice education option leading to successful careers. The Strategy promotes aspirational key messages and a unifying tagline for the VET sector, real skills for real careers. The Strategy is supported by over 450 Australian VET Alumni including Australian Apprenticeship Ambassadors, who volunteer their time to promote VET-driven careers.

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