Online Employment Services

The Online Employment Services (OES) is the Government’s mainstream online servicing platform on the jobactive website, created in response to the increased demand for Centrelink payments and employment services following the COVID-19 pandemic.

More job seekers will have their Centrelink payments granted and access employment services (online or through a provider) in a faster and more streamlined way.

Why have I been referred to the OES?

Services Australia referred you to the OES if you:

  • have applied for a Centrelink payment on or after 30 March 2020, and
  • have been granted a Centrelink payment eligible for employment services on or after 16 April 2020.

What if I live in a New Employment Services Trial (NEST) region?

If you live in one of the New Employment Services Trial (NEST) Employment Regions in Adelaide South in South Australia or Mid-North Coast in New South Wales, you will be referred to Digital Employment Services instead of OES. From here, if eligible, you may be referred to an NEST Employment Services Provider. If you are located in a NEST region, please refer to the fact sheet Changes to Digital Servicing in the New Employment Services Trial.

What do I need to do in the OES?

If you haven’t done so already, go to the OES page on the jobactive website. You need to sign into your myGov account, then create and link your job seeker account. If you have trouble doing this, please refer to the user guides on the jobsearch website.

Once you have done that, there are two things you will need to do in the OES:

1. Complete the Job Seeker Snapshot

  • The Job Seeker Snapshot is a short series of questions used to help us understand what level of support you may need in finding a job.
  • Depending on how much help you need, you may stay in the online service, or be referred to a jobactive provider.
  • If you have already done this recently, you don’t need to do it again, unless your circumstances have changed, or if there’s new information you think we might need to know.

2. Review and agree to your Job Plan

  • A Job Plan is a list of tasks and activities, like searching for jobs, which you need to do in return for receiving Centrelink payments. These tasks will help you on your way to finding, and keeping, a job.
  • You wont be able to do this step if you are waiting to get your payment.

I’ve tried agreeing to my Job Plan but I can’t/I’m on an exemption. Do I still need to agree to my Job Plan?

We are aware that some people are having issues reviewing and agreeing to their Job Plan.

Rest assured your payment will not be affected by this issue.

We have put in a fix and you should now only have to review and agree to your Job Plan once. Please sign in to your account and check your tasks to do.

If you are still having issues with your Job Plan, and it asks you to complete it more than once, please let us know by calling the Job Seeker Hotline on 1800 805 260.

Can I access the OES if I am currently with a provider?

No, you will remain connected with your current provider although you can still use the jobactive website to help with your job search efforts. If you have been affected by COVID-19, please refer to information in the Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Employment services: Information for job seekers and participants fact sheet.

What assistance can I get from the OES?

The assistance available in OES is mostly online, meaning you can access it at any time from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. The jobactive website, your dashboard, our blog or the jobactive YouTube channel has a lot of information, tips and links to help support your job search effort.

Where can I get help using the OES?

For assistance using the OES, visit the jobsearch website and refer to the user guides. You can also contact the Department via the Job Seeker Hotline on 1800 805 260, or the online contact form.

Can I access employment services with a jobactive provider instead of using the OES?

If you are having any problems with OES, please call the Job Seeker Hotline on 1800 805 260 to discuss your options including referral to a jobactive provider.

When will I be transferred from OES to a jobactive, Transition to Work, or Disability Employment Services provider?

All eligible jobseekers will be referred to a jobactive provider as soon as possible. You will automatically be referred to a jobactive provider.

If you are eligible for Disability Employment Services, you will either be transferred to the respective provider either directly from OES, or first be transferred to a jobactive provider who can then refer you on as appropriate. If you are eligible for Transition to Work, you will either be transferred to the respective provider either directly from OES, or from Centrelink.

You can only remain in the OES for a maximum of six months.

Service Guarantee

If you are a jobseeker participating in the OES, the Digital Employment Services Guarantee sets out the minimum level of service you can expect to receive, as well as the requirements you need to meet while looking for work.

Online Employment Services Fact Sheets

Changes to Digital Servicing in the NEST Fact Sheets