Skills Organisations


The Australian Government is piloting Skills Organisations in three key industries - human services care, digital technologies (including cyber security) and mining. 

The Skills Organisations Pilots will drive innovative ‘end-to-end’ training solutions and enhance the role and leadership of industry in the national training system.

The Joyce Review proposed Skills Organisations be owned by industry and take a leadership role to support the VET system better meet the needs of employers, the economy and learners.


The three pilots, in human services care, digital technologies and the mining industries, will trial new ways of working to shape the national training system to be more responsive to the skills needs for those industries - from the identification of skills needs, to qualifications development, through to improving the quality of training delivery and assessment. Lessons from these pilots will help inform broader improvements to the national training system.

Human Services Care

According to the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family businesses 2018 Employment Projections, Health Care and Social Assistance is projected to make the largest contribution of any sector to employment growth, increasing by 250,300 jobs in the next five years.

Digital Technologies

Digital technologies are essential to Australia’s economy. The number of employed ICT and telecommunications professionals is projected to increase by at least 16% by 2023, which equates to an additional 46,000 workers. In addition, the cyber security sector has estimated a need for 18,000 more employees for the sector to meet its full potential.


The mining Skills Organisation pilot was announced on 1 November 2019. Mining continues to be one of the largest areas of GDP growth for Australia and the industry employs over 255,000 individuals across the country. The mining industry is at the forefront of industries undergoing large-scale skills shifts as a result of changing technologies and future global demands.  

Discussion paper

A Discussion paper was published on 26 September 2019 to inform how Skills Organisations could drive improvements to the VET system. Submissions closed on 22 November 2019. For more information please email