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National Training Entitlement

The National Training Entitlement enables all working age Australians without a Certificate III or higher qualification to access a government subsidised training place.

At a minimum, all working age Australians will have the right to access, their first Certificate III qualification and Certificate I or II qualifications, or foundation skills training such as language, literacy and numeracy training, if these courses form part of the Certificate III qualification.

The National Training Entitlement varies across states to suit local needs and circumstances.

Eligibility for access to the National Training Entitlement

To be eligible for the National Training Entitlement students will need to meet their selected course entry and eligibility requirements, and to check that there are places available at the time they wish to enrol.

All private or public registered training organisations will also need to meet their relevant state-based criteria if they wish to offer places under the National Training Entitlement.