Administered item

Revenues, expenses, assets and liabilities that the Government controls, but which an agency or authority manages on the Commonwealth’s behalf.


An amount of public moneys parliament authorises for spending for a particular purpose.


The Australian Government’s web-based procurement system, which provides centralised access to all publicly available approaches to market, multi-use lists, annual procurement plans and reported contracts.

Budget measure

A decision by Cabinet or Ministers and has resulted in a cost or savings to outlays.

Effectiveness indicators

Measures the joint or independent contribution of outputs and administered items to the achievement of their specified outcome.


The government's objectives in each portfolio area. Outcomes are desired results, impacts or consequences for the Australian community as influenced by the actions of the Government. Actual outcomes are assessments of the end results or impacts actually achieved.

Performance indicators

These are financial and non-financial measures used to help define and evaluate an organisation’s success. An indicator is usually selected on the basis of relevance as a measure of some aspect of a specific project or operation.

Portfolio Budget Statements

Budget-related paper detailing Budget initiatives and explanations of appropriations specified by outcome and program by each agency within a portfolio.


Government programmes deliver benefits, services or transfer payments to individuals, industry/business or the community as a whole and are the primary vehicles for government agencies to achieve the intended results of their outcome statements.

Sustainable development

Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.