Outcome 1

Outcome 1 aims to foster a productive and competitive labour market through employment policies and programmes that assist job seekers into work, reduces their dependence on social welfare payments and increases Australia’s workforce participation.

Increasing participation in the workforce, including by marginalised and disadvantaged groups, is an ongoing priority. The department works within and across portfolios to develop strategic approaches to ensure that all Australians who are capable of working have the opportunity to do so. During 2013–14, the department continued to contribute to the government’s priority of getting more Indigenous Australians into work to close the gap on Indigenous disadvantage.

Major achievements

  • The department implemented the Tasmanian Jobs Programme on 1 January 2014, six months ahead of schedule.
  • The department consolidated and rationalised the guidelines and reference documents for Job Services Australia, which led to a significant reduction—41 per cent—in the red tape for Job Service Australia providers.
  • Job Services Australia recorded 29,723 job placements for Indigenous job seekers (9 per cent of all job placements) during 2013–14.
  • Job seeker attendance rates at appointments with their employment services providers increased by 1 per cent on the previous financial year.
  • The department published Australian jobs 2014, which includes information about the labour market for industries and occupations as well as for the states, territories and regional areas of Australia.
  • During 2013–14 approximately 280 small, medium-sized and large employers committed to better practice in employing mature-age people through the Experience+ Corporate Champions programme.
  • The department made a submission to the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency on the 2014 Skilled Occupation List, which is used to guide Australia’s independent skilled migration programme.
  • Of the 2000 Seasonal Worker Programme places available for the horticulture sector for 2013–14, 99 per cent were filled with workers from all nine participating countries.


Weaker labour market conditions continued to influence the movement of job seekers into employment and affected the achievement of most of the key performance indicators for Job Services Australia.

In 2013–14, the number of job placements recorded was 25 per cent below the annual target.