The department’s Communication Branch supports the department’s business areas to achieve their goals and outcomes by developing and implementing communication strategies and campaigns, events, media (including social media and media monitoring), speechwriting and staff communications.

High-quality communication products such as publications, media releases, speeches and online content are important in ensuring that the community has access to comprehensive and accurate information about our policies and programmes. The department works with our portfolio Ministers’ offices, the Executive, business areas, journalists and other stakeholders to ensure information and presentation are consistent and effective.

In accordance with the requirements of the Australian Government guidelines on information and advertising campaigns, the department undertakes paid advertising to inform affected members of the Australian community about the range of programmes and initiatives we administer. More information on the department’s advertising is in Appendix 3.

Two major communications achievements for the department during 2014–15 were the Restart wage subsidy campaign and a campaign for jobactive.

Restart wage subsidy and mature-age employment communication campaign

Restart logoThe second and final phase of the Restart wage subsidy and mature-age employment communication campaign occurred between February and April 2015. The goal of the campaign was to promote positive employer attitudes towards employing mature-age job seekers, while raising awareness and encouraging take-up by employers of the Restart wage subsidy. It included newspaper, magazine, radio and digital advertising. Radio and press advertisements were translated into six languages (Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Greek and Italian).

Developmental research and creative development for the campaign started in 2013–14, and the first phase of advertising went live in July 2014 and ran through November 2014.

Further information on the Restart wage subsidy is available on the department’s website.

jobactive campaign

jobactive logoAs part of the preparation for the introduction of jobactive on 1 July 2015, campaign development including benchmark research began in mid-2014. The jobactive campaign aims to promote the new employment service, which is about meeting the needs of job seekers and employers to improve job outcomes.

The jobactive name and brand were developed in 2014–15. Further development of creative elements will continue in 2015–16, and it is likely that promotion will be through television, press, radio and digital advertising.

Further information on the jobactive programme is available on the department’s website.

Employment delivers G20 success

G20 logoThe G20 Labour and Employment Ministerial Meeting team, coordinated by the Communication Branch and made up of more than 130 staff from across the department, was responsible for delivering a highly successful ministerial meeting in September 2014.

The meeting hosted dignitaries from many nations representing the world’s largest advanced and emerging economies. Everyone involved in the preparation and delivery of this logistically complex event showed tremendous energy and dedication to delivering a world-class summit, earning high praise from ministers and delegates. Both the department and the Australian Government were proud of the team for representing Australia so warmly and professionally.

The Communication Branch continued to provide a tailored approach to internal communication for the Secretary, the Executive and the wider department. Internal communications on various platforms are used to communicate the department’s priorities and engage with staff to share information and seek their feedback.

The Communication Branch also supports the department’s social club, Morty’s, which engages in fundraising for community organisations and facilitates social events. The branch provides the link between the social club and the department’s Executive and assists with the promotion of staff events.

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