Fraud control

Fraud and corruption have the potential to damage the performance and reputation of Australian Government programs. The Department seeks to minimise fraud and corruption risks by preventing, detecting, investigating, recording and reporting instances of fraud and corruption through the implementation of policies, procedures and practices that align with the Commonwealth Fraud Control Framework.

In February 2017, the Department’s Fraud Control Plan was updated, in keeping with the requirements of the revised Commonwealth Fraud Control Framework. The Department’s fraud control framework ensures compliance with other initiatives aimed at protecting public money, public property and the integrity and security of the Department and government.

The Serious Non-Compliance and Investigations Unit operates within the Department’s compliance framework and provides assurance to the Executive that serious non-compliance and fraud are not systemic, and that isolated incidents are dealt with promptly and effectively. The unit was established to constitute a singular register of serious non-compliance and fraud within the Department and requires consideration beyond established program assurance mechanisms. The unit interacts with program assurance and risk management areas to ensure that the Department responds in the most appropriate way possible.