Our organisational structure

The department is structured to deliver its business through the Executive and three business groups—the Employment Cluster, the Workplace and Small Business Cluster, and the Corporate Cluster. The department’s organisational structure at 30  June 2018 is shown in Figure 1.

Organisational structure at 30 June 2018

Kerri Hartland

Workplace Relations and Small Business

Sandra Parker

  • Deputy Secretary

Small Business & Economic Strategy

Peter Cully

  • Economics
  • Migration Policy
  • Deregulation and Small Business
  • Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman

Workplace Relations Programmes

Debbie Mitchell

  • Fair Entitlements Guarantee
  • Recovery and Litigation
  • Seasonal Worker Programme

Work Health and Safety Policy

Acting Group Manager Justine Ross

  • Workers’ Compensation Policy
  • Work Health and Safety Policy
  • Building Industry

Workplace Relations Policy

Acting Group Manager Alison Durbin

  • Framework Policy
  • Industry Engagement and International Labour
  • Wages Policy and Minimum standards
  • Australian Representative to the ILO

Workplace Relations Legal

Jeremy O’Sullivan

  • Bargaining and Coverage
  • Employment Standards
  • Safety, Compensation and Institutions


Jill Charker

  • Deputy Secretary

People and Communication

Moya Drayton

  • Audit and Parliamentary
  • Communication
  • People

Technology Services

Scott Wallace

  • Infrastructure Services
  • IT Services
  • Property and Customer Engagement
  • Procurement and Information Management

Finance, Legal and Governance

Acting Group Manager Glen Casson

  • Finance
  • Governance, Risk and Assurance
  • Corporate Legal, Corporate and Program Advising, Litigation, Ombudsman, Information Law, and Legislation

Support Corporate Review Taskforce

Michelle Lees


Martin Hehir

  • Deputy Secretary

Activation and Work for the Dole

Janine Pitt

  • Assessments, Services and Outcomes
  • Job Seeker Participation and Compliance
  • Work for the Dole

Quality and Integrity

Marsha Milliken

  • Employment Services Reporting and Analysis
  • Assurance Coordination
  • Providers and Purchasing
  • Evaluation, Research and Evidence

Youth and Programs

Greg Manning

  • Specialist Programs and Indigenous Employment Taskforce
  • Incentives and Investments
  • Youth Employment
  • Future of Work Taskforce

Labour Market Strategy

Benedikte Jensen

  • Industry, Regional and International Strategies
  • Labour Market Policy
  • Labour Market Research and Analysis
  • Minister Counsellor (Employment) to the OECD, EU, UNESCO and France
  • Active Labour MarketAssistance 2020

Employment Systems

Acting Group Manager Kerryn Kovacevic

  • Application Development
  • Job Seeker Development
  • Online Services Development and Engagement
  • Technical Support

Delivery and Engagement

Helen Willoughby

  • Employer Mobilisation
  • State Network
Figure 1. Organisational structure at 30 June 2018
Organisational Chart