Performance measures: Outcome 1

Performance measures and targets for Outcome 1 are set out in the Department of Jobs and Small Business Portfolio Budget Statements 2017–18 on pages 23–27, and pages 8–12 of the 2017–18 Department of Jobs and Small Business Corporate Plan

These performance measures and targets have been developed to support policies and programs that contribute to jobs growth, increase workforce participation and improve labour productivity. The performance measures and targets relate to helping job seekers find and stay in work, move from welfare to work, and to meet their mutual obligations. There are also measures and targets relating to employment services providers delivering quality services, meeting employer needs, and helping young people move into work and education through the Transition to Work service.

The department publishes key performance targets for employment services across the four-year period to take account of external factors that limit the ability to estimate long term performance. Adjustments may be made over time. A performance measure is considered met if it is within five per cent of the target.

The department is committed to the Closing the Gap initiative. The Government has set a target of halving the gap in employment outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. To drive continuous improvement in Indigenous employment, the department has set specific parity targets for Indigenous job seekers for a range of jobactive performance measures. These make it explicit that Indigenous job seekers should attain employment outcomes at the same level and proportion as other job seekers.

In 2017–18, the department met 16 of 19 performance targets of Outcome 1. It also successfully delivered on its objective of fostering a productive and competitive labour market through employment policies and programs that help job seekers into work, meet employer needs and increase Australia’s workforce participation. 

The department is committed to performance measures and targets that accurately reflect the performance of the programs and services it administers.

It has made a number of adjustments to performance measures for 2018–19 and is also introducing performance measures and targets for new programs such as ParentsNext and the Time to Work Employment Service. These changes are reflected in the department’s Portfolio Budget Statements 2018–19 and the department’s 2018–19 Corporate Plan.