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Are my qualifications recognised?

If you are looking to get your interstate or overseas qualification recognised, we can help.

Mutual recognition – getting interstate qualifications recognised.

Is this for me?

  • I want to know how to get my qualification recognised in another state or territory
  • I want to know who to contact to get my qualification recognised

To work in some occupations, you need to be registered and/or hold a licence in the jurisdiction you want to work in.  In Australia, each state and territory administers and issues its own occupational licences. Each jurisdiction differs in what occupations they choose to licence and what types of licences are available.

Mutual Recognition

Trades Recognition Australia

Trades Recognition Australia Branding

Is this for me?

  • You’re interested in migrating to Australia
  • You want to transfer skills gained overseas in to Australia

This service offers a number of different skills assessment programs based on your occupation, country of passport, where you studied and the type of visa you are seeking. 

Skills and Licence Recognition

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