Changes to Disability Employment Services—Disability Management Service (DES-DMS)

Information for programme Participants and Employers on upcoming changes to DES-DMS Providers

DES-DMS is for job seekers with temporary or permanent disability, injury or health condition who require the assistance of a Disability Employment Service Provider, and who may require flexible ongoing support but are not expected to need regular, long-term support in the workplace.

The Australian Government has recently reviewed the performance of Disability Employment Service Providers that deliver DES-DMS. This review will help to ensure people with disability have the best support and assistance possible to prepare for, achieve and maintain employment.

As a result of the review, from 3 March 2014, there will be changes to Providers delivering DES-DMS. In some areas, current Providers will cease to deliver DES-DMS and will be replaced by higher performing Providers.

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This page will continue to be updated with information on the changes for participants and employers.