Collaborative Partnership on Mature Age Employment


From 1 July 2018, a collaborative partnership on mature age employment will be established to encourage employers to create more mature age friendly workplaces and reduce age discrimination.

The partnership will raise awareness of age discrimination among employers, promote the benefits of employing older workers, and help employers to manage an age-diverse workforce.

The Australian Public Service Commission will implement a range of complementary age-friendly practices to lead by example.

Who will be the members of the Partnership?

The membership of the collaborative partnership will be determined through a consultation process to be undertaken after the 2018–19 Budget.

Members of the collaborative partnership will include the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business (formerly Jobs and Small Business), the Age Discrimination Commissioner, business peak bodies, universities and other experts.

What will this partnership do?

The Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business will work with the partnership to establish its scope and broad objectives and implement strategies for achieving the desired outcomes.

Activities will be co-designed with industry to ensure buy-in and ownership. This will increase the effectiveness of the partnership in achieving lasting cultural change.

Partnership activities may include:

  • developing industry and firm level strategies that promote the role of mature workers
  • encouraging employers to learn about their obligations, employee rights and benefits of providing flexible workplace arrangements
  • disseminating information on best practice and success stories to help change employers’ attitudes and unconscious biases about older workers
  • developing practical tools and resources to build leadership capacity and equip managers to work with an ageing workforce
  • encouraging businesses to employ retirees on a flexible basis for example, one to two days a week.

Who will benefit?

The partnership will improve the knowledge and capabilities of employers, employees, recruiters and employer organisations so that they can better support the recruitment and retention of mature age workers, especially those transitioning to retirement.

Older Australians will also benefit from a positive change in attitudes and practice in relation to recruitment and retention.

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