Complain about your training, network provider or employer: apprentices


You can complain if you feel like you’ve been treated unfairly by your employer or Apprenticeship Network provider. You can also complain about your training provider.

You should try to resolve your issues with your training or Apprenticeship Network providers first.

They have policies and procedures for complaints you need to follow.

If you disagree with your provider’s decision: external review

If you can’t resolve an issue you can get a review by an external body.

Ask your provider who you need to contact for an external review.

Complain about your training provider

If you’re still unhappy after the reviews you can make a complaint about your training provider on the Australian Skills Quality Authority website.

If you go to TAFE or another public provider

If you study at a government-run training provider, including TAFEs, contact your state or territory ombudsman.

You can find out if your provider is public by looking them up in a Registered Training Organisation search.

If you’re still not sure ask your provider.

If your provider is registered in Victoria or Western Australia

You can complain to the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority or the WA Training Accreditation Council.

Complain about your Apprenticeship Network provider

If you’re still unhappy after the reviews you can call the National Training Complaints Hotline.

Complain about your employer