Your service guarantee as a participant in Transition to Work

The Australian Government expects Transition to Work providers to deliver quality services to participants and employers.

Expectations for service delivery

The Service Guarantee for Transition to Work sets out the Government’s expectations of Transition to Work providers.

The Service Guarantee defines the minimum level of service that a Transition to Work provider is required to give to you as a participant, including the nature and frequency of services to ensure you receive quality, personalised assistance. The Service Guarantee also outlines your rights and responsibilities.

To complement the Service Guarantee, each Transition to Work provider has developed their own Service Delivery Plan. These plans set out the additional services that participants and employers can expect to receive from the individual Transition to Work provider.

All Transition to Work providers are required to display the Service Guarantee and their Service Delivery Plan in their offices and make them available to participants and employers. You can also find a copy of each Transition to Work provider’s Service Delivery Plan under the ‘Services’ tab when you search for a provider.

Compliments, suggestions or complaints

Your views about the help you receive are important and the Department of Education, Skills and Employment and your Transition to Work Provider value your feedback.

If you don’t think you are receiving the right help and would like to make a complaint or suggestion, please talk to your Transition to Work provider first. Your Transition to Work provider will offer a feedback process which is fair and will try to resolve your concerns.

If you feel you can’t talk to your Transition to Work provider, or you are still not happy, you can also contact department’s National Customer Service Line.

National Customer Service Line

Phone: 1800 805 260 (free call from landlines)

More information

Further information is available on the Complaints, Compliments and Suggestions form.