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Corporate Champions experience pays

A range of resources and services have been developed to help employers to attract and retain mature-age workers through the Corporate Champions Programme.

The Corporate Champions programme delivers one-on-one assistance to employers to recruit and retain mature age workers. Corporate Champions are employers who make a public commitment to move towards better practice in employing mature age people.

Employers who are participating in the programme work closely with Corporate Champion providers to develop a new and innovative plan to improve practices in employing mature age people. Advice and support is provided to employers to achieve the goals of the plan, such as updating recruitment processes, rolling out new flexible working arrangements or introducing retention and mentoring programmes.

The long-term success of any business depends on the ability to tap into a diverse body of talent, knowledge and skills. Organisations that adopt age-friendly recruitment practices are able to widen the applicant pool to make sure they find the best person for the job.

The current Corporate Champion contracts end on the 30 June 2016, the programme is not taking on any new employers. If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of recruiting and retaining mature age workers or financial assistance available to take on a mature age worker our Corporate Champions providers are delivering free information seminars across Australia from January to June 2016.

To register your interest in one of these seminars please talk to one of the providers directly at Corporate Champion Providers.

Some of the Corporate Champion employers who have participated in the programme and have shown leadership in moving towards better practice in the retention of mature age workers are listed.

Corporate Champion employers