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Creativity takes Courage - Nicole Marie Photography


The Small Business Digital Champions Project will provide 100 Australian small businesses with the tools they need to kick-start their digital transformation.

Nicole Marie Photography is one of the 100 participating small businesses embarking on a digital transformation journey. The highs, lows and the critical turning points of Nicole’s journey will help educate other business owners who are also looking to start their own digital transformation journey.

Nicole Marie Photography

How to be ready, to be Tech savvy

Nicole has been in the professional photography industry for nearly 10 years. Her goal is to grow her customer base by transforming her website into an e-commerce platform to allow customers to book appointments and purchase photographs and photography services online.

An early challenge Nicole faced was not having a clear vision of the different products and services she should offer her customers on-line. Currently her website showcases her photography portfolio, but doesn’t let clients view the entire range of products and services available.

Nicole realised that to build an effective e-commerce platform, she needed to ‘get back to basics’ and create an overarching business strategy to guide her activities and focus areas.

“One of my main challenges has been to develop a clearly defined vision around the main offerings of my business, in order to clearly articulate these to potential clients on my website" Nicole

Deloitte conducted a Digital Needs Assessment as part of the Small Business Digital Champions Project, and as a result Nicole has started to build her business strategy and vision for the future.

Learnings from the Digital Needs Assessment

Nicole’s vision, for an interactive and intuitive e-commerce platform, is designed to strengthen her engagement with her customers. They will be able to book appointments, purchase prints, and secure customer gallery information.

To achieve this, Nicole needs to apply a ‘customer focussed’ lens to her business. The Small Business Digital Champions Project is helping Nicole focus her efforts on the following strategic considerations:

  • Business purpose and aspirations. What does success look like for Nicole?
  • Desired customers, markets and geographies. Where should Nicole focus her efforts?
  • Products and services that appeal to target customers. Who is the target market and what do they need?
  • Value proposition and competitive advantages. How will Nicole differentiate herself from her competitors?
  • Business’s skills, capabilities and knowledge. How will Nicole gather, store and manage information moving forward?

Nicole’s digital transformation journey has just begun but you can follow her story as she makes changes and improvements to her business.

Food for thought

Before starting your digital transformation, there are a few important considerations:

  1. Do you have a clear business strategy, and is your online platform properly aligned to this?
  2. Does your digital transformation plan align with your business purpose and aspirations?
  3. Do you have a defined business model?
  4. Do you know your target audience?
  5. Do you know what your competitive advantage is?
  6. Do your skills and capabilities align with the products/services that you want to offer?

Digital Technology is a powerful tool. It can streamline daily tasks and create a more engaging and unique customer experience.

But even some of the most advanced digital tools will not fix existing gaps or problems in a business. In fact, digital technologies act as amplifiers for a business and, when not planned out appropriately, can actually increase existing problems. These ‘digital transformation risks’ are often easily overlooked by many business – small and large.

Careful planning, thought, and consideration of the existing business model is vital to the success of a digital transformation plan and once you have the plan, have the courage to execute it!