CTA helped Wowok to improve his job readiness and find a job

When Wowok lost his job in January 2020 he felt “stressed and frustrated.” Although he had previously worked in cleaning and customer service roles, he hadn’t been able to find a job, and felt dejected when he realised most companies wanted Higher Education certificates.

Fortunately, Wowok participated in the Career Transition Assistance (CTA) program, working with CTA provider MTC Marrickville. At the start of the course he attended face-to face sessions with his facilitator but had to complete the program online after COVID-19 hit.

Career Transition Assistance helps mature aged workers 45 years and over to increase their job readiness by building their skills and confidence to get a job.

Wowok was very enthusiastic about re-entering the workforce, but he was not clear about his goals. With help from his CTA facilitator, he defined his goals and identified his transferrable skills. Once he had a clear direction, MTC suggested he apply to Woolworths, as a large organisation would allow him to explore different business areas and opportunities.

The facilitator helped Wowok to develop his resume for different areas of work and supported him to apply for various roles in Woolworths. Once he was offered an interview, he worked with his facilitator to practice his interviews skills and prepare for the interview.

Thanks to this support Wowok’s confidence improved and he was successful in gaining a casual role as a Barista with Woolworths. He is doing such a good job, that in a few months he will get the chance to be promoted to Supervisor!

Wowok’s path to employment was not easy, but thanks to his facilitator’s “lovely, patient and helpful” personality Wowok didn’t give up. “I really support the CTA Program for people who need knowledge and information to find new pathways or want to change career.”

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