Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Secretary Kerrie Hartland

Message from the Secretary

It is with great pleasure that I present the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business’ Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2018–2020.

This strategy and the supporting plans, outline our commitment to ensuring our Department remains an inclusive and safe place for people to work, while embracing and celebrating all differences in achieving our vision of More Jobs. Great Workplaces.

Diversity is about respect and acknowledging that everyone is different, bringing something unique to our workplace. The way we work and our thinking are shaped by our culture, background, experiences and personalities. Our Department recognises the diversity of our existing workforce and is committed to building on the depth of the perspectives, experience, knowledge and skills that diversity brings to our organisation.

A diverse group of employees, genuinely reflective of the wider community we serve and represent, will help us deliver on the Government’s agenda, and meet the needs of our stakeholders. By continuing our commitment to support diversity and inclusion, we create a more engaged work environment and increase our productivity. This commitment is emphasised by the work of the Secretaries Equality and Diversity Council, of which I am a member, which aims to reinforce and reinvigorate the Australian Public Service leadership on diversity and inclusion.

This strategy also seeks to break down the perceived barriers experienced by some of our people in gaining access to development and promotional opportunities in our Department. Our approach to diversity acknowledges that respect, innovation and flexibility are essential if we are to attract, recruit, and retain the best people.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the development of the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. In particular, I acknowledge and thank all of our diversity leaders and champions for their continued commitment to diversity and inclusion in the Department. I also want to thank our various employee networks for their work driving initiatives that support our people and make this Department a great place to work.

I am proud of this strategy and ask managers to discuss with their teams what we can all do to support the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and associated action plans in our everyday business.

Please take the time to read through the strategy and reflect on how you can make a personal and professional commitment to foster a culture that values diversity and inclusion and promotes opportunity for all.

Kerri Hartland