Intergeneration Leadership Action Plan 2018–2020

To build a cohesive intergenerational culture, we must collectively create an environment where all generations feel confident to put forward their ideas and contribute. It is important to strike the balance between welcoming fresh ideas coming into the Department with capturing the experience and knowledge before retirement.

Developing our people and leadership transition will position the Department to thrive as the landscape of the workforce changes. As the aging population transitions out, the younger generation will make up the majority of the workforce population, bringing with it a new form of leadership.

Each generation differs in their values, beliefs, ways of working, expectations and their perception of the world. These differences are more pronounced with the increase of the intergenerational population in the workforce. We need to understand and accept these differences so we can work effectively with each other to achieve the Department’s vision and objectives.

Intergeneration Leadership Action Plan 2018–2020 Priority 1

Priority 1


First 12 months

  1. Encourage mature age employees to mentor and coach the younger generations to facilitate the passing of corporate knowledge.
  2. Encourage the younger generations to support the mature age generation to adopt new technology such as Yammer and Instagram. 

and for the next two years

  1. . Develop tools and resources which support managers to effectively manage a cohesive intergenerational workforce.

Intergeneration Leadership Action Plan 2018–2020 Priority 2

Priority 2


First 12 months

  1. Hold internal forums with the aim of connecting generations, raising awareness about generational differences and building a cohesive intergenerational culture.
  2. Explore ways to celebrate the diversity of the Department’s intergeneration workforce through events, seminars, team activities with the aim of building acceptance of the challenges faced with working in an intergenerational workforce.

and for the next two years

  1. Encourage the establishment of multidisciplinary intergenerational teams to resolve complex departmental issues.
  2. Encourage all employees to learn how to work and communicate effectively in an intergenerational workforce by developing a Learning Plan in Learnhub. 
  3. Develop tools and resources which support employees to foster a sustained career and transition to retirement including information on flexible working arrangements, career break and phased retirement.