Efficiency - a more flexible and responsive training system

The Australian Government is making significant investments in the national training system. However, better targeting of funding is necessary to ensure the national training system is efficient and responsive to meet the needs of students, employers and industry. As one of the aims of the National Partnership Agreement on Skills Reform, the Australian Government will improve the efficiency of the training system.

Strengthening the public provider

The Australian Government is working with states and territories on strategies to support and strengthen public providers of VET training.

Public providers (government-owned providers such as TAFE Institutes) have a strong history of delivering training to meet the skills needs of industry. Public providers also provide support services to disadvantaged students and regional and remote areas where these services may otherwise be unavailable.

Maintaining a strong public provider network is essential to underpin the national partnership reforms and ensure that Australia has a high quality training system, available to all.

Find out more about these strategies in each state’s Implementation Plan for skills reform on the Federal Financial Relations page.