Eligibility for employers


The program’s LLND training is delivered at no direct cost to the employer.

By participating in the program employers will contribute to:

  • Employees with better developed LLND skills
  • Employees with greater self-confidence 
  • Increasing workplace productivity

Tailored training

The Program is designed to enable employers who have identified employees with LLND skill needs to engage with service providers to develop tailored accredited and/or non-accredited LLND skills training for the workplace. Employers will work with service providers to:

  • identify and evaluate the workplace and Participant LLND needs
  • design the most appropriate training model and provide reasonable support to participants to maximise the benefits of the training provided
  • evaluate the effectiveness of the LLND project.

How to access

You will be able to find your local program service provider at the Foundation Skills for your Future program page following the tender process.