Email complaints

Have you completed the training provider’s formal complaints process? Most agencies that handle complaints will not be able to assist until you have followed the formal complaints process of the training organisation with which you have a grievance with.

If you have raised your concerns with the organisation that you have a grievance with and you are not satisfied with the outcome, please complete the Complaint Template and return it to This will enable us to assess your complaint and refer it to the correct authority/ies for consideration.

If you are making a complaint on behalf of someone else (either an individual or a group) you will also need to complete the Verification of Consent form and return it with the completed complaint template.

Please read the following Privacy Information before completing the template.

Privacy Agreement

The vocational education and training sector is complex, with many different organisations involved, including the Commonwealth, state and territory governments.

The National Training Complaints Hotline connects people with the most appropriate agency to consider their vocational education and training complaints.

The Hotline is a referral service and does not directly investigate or address any complaints.

Privacy & Disclosure Agreement

Before you provide any personal information about your complaint, we need to explain to you a few details about how we use and manage personal information.;

Information you provide on training-related complaints will be referred to the appropriate agency or authority for consideration of your complaint.

Information collected may also be used to inform policy development; legislative and regulatory development; and continuous improvement in the vocational education and training system.

  • Personal information will be collected, stored, used and disclosed in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (the APPs) and the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business’ Privacy Policy. The department will disclose the information you provide to the appropriate Commonwealth, state or territory agency or authority for its information, or for potential investigation of your complaint.
  • You can expect that we will handle your complaint discreetly and consider with appropriate sensitivity and without bias – to the extent your complaint can be dealt with by the Commonwealth.  

To ensure this:

  • Complaint details and data is restricted to those with a genuine requirement to know.
  • Personal details are not disclosed to other staff without a genuine need to know and Complainants’ names are not detailed in management reports.

However to consider the complaint fully your information may need to be passed to the relevant state/territory authority.

Where personal information is disclosed to state or territory agencies/authorities to consider the complaint, the information will be dealt with by that state or territory agency/authority in accordance with the privacy legislation in operation in that state or territory jurisdiction.

Please note, you can also make a complaint about an organisation and request that your details are not disclosed to that organisation in relation to your complaint.

For further information on how the department handles your personal information, how you may make a complaint about the department’s handling of your personal information, or how you may access your personal information, please refer to the department’s privacy policy.

Would you like to make an anonymous complaint?

While anonymous complaints will be accepted, they can be less effective as agencies won’t be able to contact you to request more information, or to let you know the outcome of their consideration of your complaint.

Your personal details will not be disclosed and all reasonable attempts will be made to consider the complaint without your identity being revealed. But please note that anonymity may restrict investigation into, or resolution of your complaint.

If you do not accept the Privacy and Disclosure Agreement and do not wish to make an anonymous complaint we cannot progress your complaint.

The Department’s Privacy Policy can be viewed on the Privacy Policy page.

The National Training Complaints Hotline lists the web addresses of other organisations you may want to consider raising your complaint.

If you change your mind and still wish to make a complaint, please call the National Training Complaints Hotline on 133873.