Employing mature age workers


For business, a work culture that supports older workers can lead to improved productivity, competitiveness and client satisfaction.

There are many benefits hiring mature age workers. The net benefit to employers of a worker aged 45 and over (compared with the rest of the workforce) is $1956 per year. Mature age workers are 2.4 times more likely to remain with an employer, get ill less often, take fewer sick days and are quicker to come back to work after being ill.

Mature age workers contribute skills and experience, reliability, strong work ethic and communication skills. And an inclusive workforce encourages mentoring, transfer of skills and support to less experienced workers.

However, older workers may face a number of barriers in the workforce. This includes discrimination during recruitment and hiring, management issues with an ageing workforce, limited access to flexible working arrangements, limited access to training, and increased time out of work once unemployed.

The following resources help employers to create more mature age friendly workplaces and reduce age discrimination with tips and strategies for hiring and retaining mature age employees. Developing a mature age workforce strategy will help your business to harness the many financial and cultural benefits of mature age employees.