Employment Facilitators

Employment Facilitators are an on-the-ground presence that work with retrenched workers and other job seekers in specific regions to connect them with training, job opportunities and to link them with other existing support. Employment Facilitators are engaged to facilitate government initiatives but can also be engaged in exceptional circumstances after careful assessment on a case-by-case basis.

What services do Employment Facilitators provide?

Employment Facilitators provide a range of services including:

  • Working with retrenched workers and other job seekers to connect them with training, job opportunities and other existing support.
  • Working with jobactive providers, training organisations and education providers to improve support for retrenched workers and job seekers.
  • Establishing communications with employers in their region to improve opportunities for retrenched workers and other job seekers.
  • Improving employment opportunities for the local community – including people who wish to enter the workforce, change jobs, upskill and for those who are unemployed.

Who can access services?

While Employment Facilitators will target their services to retrenched workers, all job seekers and employers can access their services.

Employment Facilitator contact details

Employment Facilitators currently operate in thirteen locations. Information on each of the Facilitators and their contact details is provided below.

Far South Coast Employment Facilitator

Andrew Wales
Ph: 0497 832 330
Email: andrew.wales@fscfacilitator.com.au

Andrew Wales - Far South Coast Employment Facilitator

Andrew Wales is an entrepreneur and business professional with 22 years of experience in both private and public sector organisations – in Australia, Asia and the United States. Based in Nowra, Andrew has been in the NSW South Coast for over 15 years where he has operated his own management consulting and start-up incubator firm. Andrew is well connected with a strong network of south coast employers, government agencies and job providers due to his commitment to jobs growth. He has successfully founded and built companies, organisations and teams from the ground up, and worked within and for government agencies, mining and industrial companies, consultancies, IT companies, agriculture enterprises and environmental reporting firms.

Gippsland Employment Facilitator

Luke Arber
Ph: 0439 713 482
Email: luke.arber@gippslandfacilitator.org.au

Luke Arber - Gippsland Employment Facilitator

Luke possesses considerable experience delivering employment services and engaging with communities across the Gippsland region. During the previous 15 years Luke delivered Job Network, Job Services Australia (JSA), Disability Employment Services (DES) and jobactive at both local and regional levels. As such, Luke has connections across a wide array of businesses, employment services’ providers and training organisations, as well as all levels of government.

Luke looks forward to collaborating with Gippsland employment service providers, registered training organisations (RTOs) and employers – as well as community and other support agencies – in order to better understand, coordinate and support the delivery of services to relevant families and redundant workers living within the region.

Luke is currently based in Morwell.

Hunter Region Employment Facilitator

Warrick Jordan
Ph: 0451 633 197
Email: warrick.jordan@hunterfacilitator.com

Warrick Jordan — Hunter Region Employment Facilitator

Warrick Jordan is a born and bred Hunter Valley resident with experience in social research, stakeholder participation and resource management in several states. Most recently Warrick has been undertaking research into the practice of regional structural adjustment and working with stakeholders in the Upper Hunter on issues of industry change. Warrick has particular experience in issues involving complex change process and a wide variety of stakeholders, and is passionate about ensuring workers in the Hunter region have access to the full range of opportunities available in the region.

Southern Darling Range Employment Facilitator

Maryanne has lived and worked in the Mandurah region for over five years working with local and interstate businesses, business owners and individuals to facilitate best practices and establish growth. She has been the Employment Facilitator in the Mandurah region since 2017 and will now take the role of the Southern Darling Range Employment Facilitator.

 Maryanne's work has predominantly been in the areas of business coaching, HR practices, Health and Safety and Recruitment strategy. She has brought with her to the region a depth of knowledge in Community Development and Liaison from her time in the Mining Sector in the North West region of Western Australia. As a local residing in Dawesville, Mrs Baker is an active community member supporting local endeavours and groups.

West and North/West Melbourne Employment Facilitator

Terry Kennedy - Melbourne West and North West Employment Facilitator

Terry has been working across the north and west of Melbourne for much of his career, starting as a teacher in secondary schools from Sunshine to Epping then focusing on employment and education initiatives in the region as the EO of Brimbank/Melton Local Learning and Employment Network, Commonwealth Local Employment Coordinator and recently as the National Facilitator working with car manufacturers, all levels of government, education and community organisations and local employers to plan the transition of automotive manufacturing employees. He has extensive networks across the region and focuses on where there are points of potential collaboration and partnership between stakeholders to create approaches that improve employment outcomes.

Murraylands and Riverland Employment Facilitator

Christine Willersdorf
Ph: 0436 647 305
Email: Christine.Willersdorf@employmentfacilitator.com.au

Christine Willersdorf - Murraylands and Riverland Employment Facilitator

Christine has worked in the Training and Employment space working with the marginally disadvantaged across the Murraylands and Riverland regions for the past 10 years.

Most recently whilst at the Regional Development Australia Murraylands and Riverland, Christine was instrumental in the vision and project management of the award winning program – MFA Jobs 4 Murraylands which in 2017 won the SA Awards Industry Collaboration and at the Adult Learners Week Awards the Jobs 4 Murraylands project was awarded project of the Year. Christine has a passion for assisting the unemployed and underemployed to become sustainable within their community by gaining employment.

North Queensland Employment Facilitator


John Hall
Ph: 0475 241 428
Email: john@NQFacilitator.com

John Hall — North Queensland Employment Facilitator

John has worked extensively in employment and training roles in North Queensland for the past thirty years.   As a senior regional leader in the Queensland Department of Education and Training, John has led projects, funding programs and collaborative initiatives for employment development and vocational education and training.  His experience has enabled him to develop effective networks of service providers, businesses, government and community organisations.  John looks forward to enhancing employment opportunities across the region by supporting and developing effective partnerships based on stakeholder opportunities; understanding and responding to employer-specific workforce needs; and identifying and removing barriers to employment outcomes.


Tamilyn Brennan
Ph: 0409 763 507
Email: tamilyn@fnqemployment.com.au

Tamilyn Brennan - Cairns North Queensland Employment Facilitator

Tamilyn Brennan is a workforce development consultant based in Far North Queensland with a background in strategic planning, policy, program development and implementation in Federal and State employment and training sectors. For over 20 years, she held senior regional management roles in government and currently provides future skilling advice to government as an advisory board member. Mrs Brennan drives community development with 12 years' experience governing not for profit organisations and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Tamilyn guides change in industries, organisations and individuals at regional level to strengthen local enterprise and regional economies.

 Tasmania Employment Facilitator

James McCormack
Ph: 0428 299 262
Email: TasmaniaFacilitator@bigpond.com

James has been an Employment Facilitator in northern and north-west Tasmania since January 2016 and will now take the role of the Tasmania Employment Facilitator in the expanded region. He has extensive experience working for the Department in labour market programmes around Tasmania over the last seven years. James previously held senior management roles with a range of Australian government agencies across Australia, including the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the former Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, and the Office of Indigenous Policy Coordination.

James maintains a keen interest in regional economic development issues in Tasmania. He is currently the Chairperson of the not-for-profit group Switch Tasmania, which provides advice and assistance to people with new businesses or business ideas in the Cradle Coast region.

Northern Inland Employment Facilitators

Rechelle Leahy
Ph: 0408 224 489
Email: rechelle@northerninlandemploymentfacilitator.com.au

Rechelle Leahy - Northern Inland Employment Facilitator

Rechelle has held senior management roles with a range of Australian government agencies, including the Department of Finance, the Australian Public Service Commission and the Migration Review Tribunal and has represented Australia on an international level, having worked on the Australia - United States Free Trade Agreement and with civil society at the United Nations - Commission for the Status of Women (CSW62/63) in New York.

Rechelle is a principal sector specialist in governance, contract management, procurement and social policy issues, and maintains a keen interest in regional economic development issues in the Northern Inland. Rechelle is currently a Non-Executive Independent Director with the National Rural Women's Coalition, focussing on social policy matters including employment, education and women's leadership development.

Bronwyn Pearson
Ph: 0412 400 206
Email: bronwyn@northerninlandemploymentfacilitator.com.au

Bronwyn Pearson - Northern Inland Employment Facilitator

Bronwyn has over twenty-five years' experience providing strategic and operational human resource advice and solutions to the public and private sectors.

In addition to her professional expertise, Bronwyn brings a passion for rural and regional development, equity and social justice to the Employment Facilitator role. She is a strong advocate for the Northern Inland region and is Chair of the North & North West Community Legal Service and a Director on the Board of the New England Conservatorium of Music.

Wide Bay Burnett Employment Facilitator

Austin Ryann
Ph: 0466 669 934
Email: austin@widebayemployment.com.au

Austin Ryann - Wide Bay Burnett Employment Facilitator

Austin has over 20 years experience working in large organisational cultures ranging from Banking, Insurance, Marketing and Emergency Services. During that time Austin has undertaken a large and diverse variety of professional roles ranging from Training and Facilitation, Frontline Management, Human Resources Consulting and Project and Change Management. Over the past 5 years specifically Austin has been working closely within the Vocational Education Sector delivering frontline support to Job Seekers across Queensland and working in conjunction with job actives, local businesses & other educational institutions. Austin has a genuine passion for empowering positive change within the community through effective & engaging programs that empower people towards long term growth and development.

Upper Spencer Gulf Employment

Lisa Brock
Ph: 0449 671 183
Email: lisa@usgemployment.com.au

Lisa comes to the role having worked as the  Yorke and Mid North Employment Facilitator since 2018 and will now take the role of the Upper Spencer Gulf Employment Facilitator. Prior to this role, Lisa worked as the Regional Manager for the South Australian Government Department for Industry & Skills in the Yorke & Mid North region for five years. She has ten years experience in State Government working collaboratively across all levels of Government, with training and employment providers, industry and community in developing initiatives to address regional workforce and skill needs. This includes co-designing projects to support disadvantaged job seekers into work, addressing regional capacity issues and strategic and workforce planning. Her previous experience includes Aboriginal employment and working within the education and apprenticeship systems. Lisa has provided strategic support and leadership to three industry groups in the region, been a member of the Upper Spencer Gulf Education Committee and chairs the Yorke & Mid North Jobs & Skills Network.

Other Assistance available

For people in different regions of Australia, there are a number of other services available on our help for workers who have recently lost their job page.