Entrepreneurship Facilitator – Success stories


The following stories highlight how the Entrepreneurship Facilitator initiative has helped people to start and run their own business. If you’ve got a business idea and need practical assistance to turn it into a business, talk to an Entrepreneurship Facilitator near you.

Helping start a business during COVID-19

With the help of his local Entrepreneurship Facilitator, Ben rebranded his business and turned a colouring challenge he started on his social media into a colouring book selling 30 per cent of his books within the first six weeks.

Adapting a business in response to COVID-19

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Meredith had accessed support through the Entrepreneurship Facilitators initiative before COVID-19. When COVID-19 restrictions impacted the business’s ability to trade, Meredith reached out to her Facilitators to adapt her business.

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From learning the true value of photos to starting a business

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Amanda learned the true value of photos when she experienced the Black Saturday bush fires. After moving to Ipswich, Amanda started her photography business with the help of her local Entrepreneurship Facilitator and is using her skills and passion to give back to the community.

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Melody and Josh identified a gap in their local health club market and built their dream business

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Melody and Josh worked at a gym together but saw a gap in the health club sector in their local region. With the support of their local Entrepreneurship Facilitator, they were able to turn this idea into their own business.

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Turning a local market store into a sustainable business

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Bronwyn started making beeswax wraps in her dad’s kitchen in 2016 and now she’s the founder of Sustomi, a business that creates reusable food storage solutions such as beeswax wraps, metal straws and produce bags.

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Opening a well-known business and community hub

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After moving to Australia, Yousef and his family connected with their local Entrepreneurship Facilitator who helped them turn their dream of opening an Afghan general store into a reality.

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