Foundation Skills for Your Future Program


The Government is providing $62.4 million over four years, to 30 June 2023, to support eligible Australians with a means to develop their Language, Literacy, Numeracy and Digital literacy (LLND) skills to help them up-skill or re-skill for new roles, to obtain and retain secure employment and to undertake further education and training.

The Australian Government announced the $52.5 million Foundation Skills for Your Future Program (the Program) and the $9.9 million Remote Community Pilots initiative as part of the $585 million Delivering Skills for Today and Tomorrow 2019-20 budget package.

The Program, through the provision of fully subsidised accredited and non-accredited LLND training delivered by contracted service providers in a workplace or Registered Training Organisation (RTO) setting will support:

  • employers to identify and address employee LLND needs to improve workplace participation and productivity; and
  • eligible Australians to identify and address LLND needs to build the skills and confidence to meet current and future employment and training needs.

Employers seeking to develop workforce LLND skills and eligible Australians seeking to improve their LLND skills, can access the Program through an authorised service provider.


The department is procuring services to support the Foundation Skills for Your Future Program. Information on this procurement is available on the AusTender website.


  1. Request for Tender Webinar – Request for Tender Webinar video and the presentation information and speaking notes is available.
  2. Request for Tender Webinar – Question and Answers format, 8 January 2020 at 3pm. This video is now available for viewing.

Foundation Skills for Your Future Program projects

The Program provides flexible training options to support participants' LLND learning needs. It is expected that LLND training will be aimed at levels up to a Certificate II.

Service providers will be eligible to submit applications to deliver one or more of the following project types:

  • Employer Workplace Training projects: An employer or industry-specific workplace training project developed in collaboration with the employer or industry organisation and a Service Provider to deliver tailored accredited LLND training and/or non-accredited LLND training for the workplace; and
  • RTO Personalised Training projects: A client centred approach providing tailored accredited LLND Training and/or non-accredited LLND Training through flexible delivery modes that accommodate the learning needs of the Participant.

Service providers, delivering Employer Workplace Training projects or RTO personalised training projects, are required to assess participant’s language, literacy and numeracy skills through the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) and digital literacy skills through the department’s draft Digital Literacy Skills Framework (DLSF). The assessments will assist service providers to identify the participant’s LLND skills needs, create appropriate workplace and RTO personalised training projects, and enable assessment of the Program’s benefit to the participant.

Eligibility criteria for Service Providers.

Eligibility for Employers

Eligibility for Individuals

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