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Franchising Code of Conduct


The Franchising Code of Conduct is a mandatory industry code which regulates the conduct of franchisees and franchisors, including the obligation to act in good faith and the disclosure of important information by franchisors to prospective and current franchisees.

For more information, visit the Franchising Code of Conduct background page.

The Franchising Taskforce

An inter-agency Franchising Taskforce has been established in response to the first recommendation of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services’ Fairness in Franchising report.

The Taskforce is composed of representatives from the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business, the Department of the Treasury and the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. The Taskforce will provide advice to the Government to inform the government response to the report recommendations, as well as oversee consultation, industry engagement and contributions from relevant portfolios.

Visit the Franchising Taskforce page to see more information, including the Franchising Taskforce Terms of Reference.

The Franchising Mediation Adviser

The Franchising Mediation Adviser assists parties covered by the Franchising Code of Conduct by appointing a mediator when disputing parties cannot agree to one. The Franchising Mediation Adviser is a senior officer of the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business. The Mediation Adviser is supported by the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman’s (ASBFEO) office. The ASBFEO office can provide free support on the Franchising Code of Conduct, options to resolve a dispute and access to mediation services.

If you need assistance with resolving a current franchise dispute or would like to know more about resolving franchise disputes visit the ASBFEO Franchising Disputes page. More information on the Franchising Mediation Adviser can be found on the Franchising Mediation Adviser page.