G20 Taskforce on Employment meeting 3


Summary of outcomes from the third G20 Taskforce on Employment meeting for 2014.

The G20 Taskforce for Employment came together for the third time in 2014 from 22–24 July in Brisbane, Australia.

The overall theme for the taskforce’s meeting was better quality jobs, with a focus on determining ways to address underemployment and informality, and to promote safer workplaces.

Senior employment officials from across the G20 met to identify key policy priorities and recommendations on these issues to put forward to G20 labour and employment ministers.

They were joined by representatives from international organisations, including the International Labour Organization, which delivered a presentation on the topic of underemployment and informality.

Members of each of the official G20 engagement groups (the B20, L20, C20, Y20 and T20) also discussed their recommendations for the G20 employment agenda in 2014.

Representatives from the B20 and L20 participated in a session on safer workplaces, where delegates discussed how the G20 might contribute to improving workplace safety across the globe.

Each G20 member and invited country is developing an Employment Plan that sets out actions to address employment issues in their economy. At the Taskforce meeting, delegates discussed progress on the Employment Plans.