G20 Taskforce on Employment meetings


Dates, locations and key themes for the G20 Taskforce on Employment meetings in 2014.

The G20 Taskforce on Employment was established in 2011 under the Mexican G20 presidency. Its role has centered on the economic and social aspects of employment policies, the exchange of policy ideas and best practice and commitments in areas of particular concern, such as youth unemployment. Subsequent G20 presidencies have extended the life of the taskforce, including into 2014.

The G20 Taskforce on Employment meets four times in 2014.

Meeting 1 took place in Sydney on 5–6 February and focused on the working themes of local job creation and boosting jobs and participation. Delegates also discussed the current labour market outlook, including the challenges and opportunities faced by the G20. A template for country employment plans was agreed on.

Meeting 2 took place in Paris on 10-11 April. The main theme for this meeting was to discuss ways to prevent unemployment from becoming structural, including discussions on long-term unemployment; youth unemployment; connections between employment, social protection and economic growth; and skills mismatch. Delegates also discussed progress to date on the country employment plans and attended two youth-focused events prior to the meeting: the European Union’s ‘Youth Guarantee—Making it Happen’ conference in Brussels on 8 April; and the OECD’s Conference on Quality Apprenticeships in Paris on 9 April.

A joint meeting also took place between the Taskforce on Employment and the Framework Working Group on 5 June in Goa, India, in order to progress employment contributions to G20 Growth Strategies.

Meeting 3 took place in Brisbane from 22–24 July, on the theme of better quality jobs, including underemployment, informality and safer workplaces. Delegates discussed the impact of these issues on productivity in their economies, and spoke about policy settings and actions to improve the number and quality of jobs across the G20.

Meeting 4 took place on 9 September, directly prior to the Labour and Employment Ministeral meeting on 10 and 11 September.