Greater recognition of skill sets in the training system

The Review of Training Packages and Accredited Courses found that across various industries the identification of skill sets within training packages increases the available skill development options for consumers (individuals and employers).

The Review found that stakeholders wanted greater recognition of training package skill sets within the training system.  For some people greater recognition was about ensuring the right skills sets were in place to meet the regulatory requirements within their industry.  For others it was about providing public funding for those undertaking training in a skill set. This funding is available in some jurisdictions but not in all. 

Other stakeholders noted the importance of skill sets that can act as a 'feeler' for working in a particular industry and can be a pre-cursor to completing a full qualification.

However, stakeholders have raised concerns about the lack of useful and consistent information for employers and individuals about the opportunities that training package skill sets provide and which training package skill sets are in demand by industry.

The new arrangements for training package development provide a greater opportunity to seek industry advice about the promotion and use of skill sets within their industries. 

Through the new arrangements, Industry Reference Committees will be able to develop this information and include it in Companion Volume Implementation Guide for their training package. This information can then be made available to employers and potential students to help them make informed training course choices.