Help finding harvest work

Find out how you can access seasonal harvest work.

There are two services that can help you:

  • Harvest Trail Services providers
  • the Harvest Trail Information Service.

Am I eligible for harvest work?

Anyone who is legally entitled to work in Australia can be placed into harvest work. This includes people visiting Australia who hold the appropriate work visas.

You do not need to be receiving income support payments to be a harvest worker.

Harvest work is available throughout the year when there aren’t enough local workers to meet employer needs.

No matter your background, age or job history, harvest work offers you the opportunity to:

  • combine work with travel around Australia
  • carry out a range of different work activities
  • start a career in agriculture
  • work for the majority of the year.

For more information on Australia’s skilled visas visit the Department of Home Affairs website.

What help can I get?

Harvest Trail Services (HTS) providers can connect you with jobs in rural and regional harvest areas.  Jobs can involve fruit or vegetable picking, packing, pruning or planting.

HTS providers can:

  • give you advice and information on seasonal harvest work across Australia
  • provide information about where to stay, wages and working conditions
  • put you in touch with employers.

You can find a HTS provider through the Harvest Trail website.

The Harvest Trail Information Service can help you by providing:

  • up-to-date information about harvest work vacancies on the Harvest Trail website
  • the National Harvest Guide, with information on harvest work opportunities, working conditions, transport and accommodation options
  • the latest information about seasonal work opportunities in harvest areas via the national contact centre on 1800 062 332.*

*charges may apply for calls to ‘1800’ numbers from mobile phones.