How Employment Services Assessments work

How job seekers are referred for an Employment Services Assessment, assessment interviews and who conducts them

How job seekers are referred for an Employment Services Assessment

The most common way for job seekers to be referred for an Employment Services Assessment is through Centrelink. This may happen when:

  • a job seeker undertakes a Job Seeker Classification Instrument assessment, and the assessment indicates that they face serious or multiple barriers to finding work (the job seeker must also be fully eligible to receive government employment services)
  • a job seeker needs an assessment of their work capacity in order to work out their income support or activity test requirements.  

An employment service provider may also refer a job seeker from Disability Employment Services or from Stream C jobactive for an Employment Services Assessment when:

  • a job seeker discloses information about a significant change in their circumstances that affects their work capacity or the level of support they need
  • a job seeker is required to undergo a Programme Review.

Assessment interviews

Wherever possible, Employment Services Assessments take place through a face-to-face interview. If a face-to-face interview isn’t practical for the job seeker (for example, due to geographic isolation or extreme weather conditions) or the job seeker has a medical condition or barrier which restricts them from attending, a video or phone assessment can be arranged.

Who conducts Employment Services Assessments?

All Employment Services Assessments are conducted by qualified health and allied health professionals, such as a psychologists and registered nurses. The assessors are all employed through a single government provider, and they must be eligible for membership of their professional board or association and meet all requirements to practice in the state or territory in which they work.