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I’ve been injured at work

In Australia, employers are legally obligated to look after the health and safety of workers and have insurance for all employees, including workers on a temporary visa. This insurance is commonly known as Workers’ compensation.

Information if you’ve been injured at work

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  • I’ve been injured at work

If you have been hurt or get sick at work, you may be eligible to apply for Workers’ compensation.

Workers’ compensation includes payments to help you pay for your medical treatment and for your wages until you can work again.

Workers’ compensation is governed by individual states and territories. For assistance in submitting a claim visit the workers compensation regulator in your state or territory.

Are you a migrant worker and have been injured at work?

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  • I’m not an Australian citizen
  • I’m working in Australia on a visa

In Australia, employers must look after the health and safety of all workers, including migrant workers and people who hold short-term working visas.

Safe Work Australia has information for migrant workers on work health and safety and workers’ compensation in Australia, including a checklist for new workers to use when starting a new job.

Safe Work Australia – Working safely in Australia

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