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The Department of Education, Skills and Employment is responsible for developing the policies and programs run under the Australian Government employment services systems, jobactive, and the new national in-prison employment services, Time to Work.

The current employment services system, jobactive, is delivered by a network of 1700 jobactive providers across Australia. Below is key information on our national employment services systems and information on how the Australian Government helps to determine the level of support a job seeker will need to find work.

jobactive - The Australian Government employment services system 2015 – 2022

jobactive logo

jobactive is the Australian Government’s employment services system and is delivered by a network of 1700 jobactive providers across Australia.

jobactive providers assist job seekers to get and keep a job, and offer employers an end-to-end tailored recruitment service to find and hire staff. Job seekers are required to report their job search and mutual obligation requirements on the jobactive website or via the jobactive Job Seeker app.

jobactive services are generally available to anyone receiving an income support payment or who has mutual obligation requirements. Job seekers who are not required to use jobactive may be able to access jobactive services as volunteers.

jobactive for job seekers

jobactive for volunteer job seekers

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jobactive employment services

Transition to Work

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Transition to Work is an employment service to support young people aged 15-24 into employment. The service provides intensive, pre-employment support to improve the work-readiness of young people and help them into work (including apprenticeships and traineeships) or education.

Transition to Work is designed to help young people who are early school leavers or who have had difficulty entering employment after school, and is focused on building a young person’s skills, confidence and readiness to enter employment.

Transition to Work providers deliver high quality services to employers to ensure young people meet their needs and are supported to settle into a job.

For more information:

Transition to Work

Disability Employment Services

Disability Employment Services

Is this for me?

  • I have a disability, injury or health condition
  • I want help to find a job

If you have a disability, injury or health condition and need help to find or keep a job, Disability Employment Services can help.

The JobAccess website also has comprehensive information to help you understand your rights and responsibilities, find financial support for workplace modifications and help to find and keep a job.

Disability Employment Services

JobAccess — for People with Disability

Community Development Program

Community Development Program

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  • I live in remote Australia
  • I want to improve my skills to get a job

If you live in a remote area of Australia, the Community Development Program can help you improve your workplace skills and employability. The support you receive is tailored to the workforce needs of your area and helps contribute to your community.

Community Development Program

Australian Apprenticeships

Australian Apprenticeships logo

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  • I want to train, study and earn an income

If you want to explore a new job, gain new skills, work flexible hours and receive a qualification at the end, then an Australian Apprenticeship could be the best way for you to start a career or build on your existing one.

You may also be able to apply for Trade Support Loans to meet everyday costs while undertaking training.

Australian Apprenticeships

Australian Apprenticeships Pathway

Trade Support Loans

Employment Services Model 2022 - 2027

A new government employment services model is being piloted in two regions before being rolled out nationally from July 2022.

The model will provide new service options to support people to find a job, a better digital platform and more flexibility to meet mutual obligation requirements.

More information on the New Employment Services Model

National in-prison employment services

Time to work logo

The Time to Work Employment Services is delivered in 69 non-remote prisons.

Time to Work will assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander prisoners to access support to better prepare them to find employment and reintegrate into the community upon their release from prison.

Time to Work employment services

Help to choose the right job provider for you

Connections for Quality logo

Job seekers can use Connections for Quality on the jobactive website to make an informed choice when selecting their jobactive or Disability Employment Services provider.

More information on Connections for Quality.

How we identify what level of support a job seeker needs

To assist the Australian Government to determine the level of support a job seeker will need to find work, job seekers are required to complete a short questionnaire when registering for employment assistance. This questionnaire is called the Job Seeker Classification Instrument (JSCI).

Job seekers with a disability, injury, illness or other disadvantage may also complete an employment services assessment. Employment services assessments help to determine the most appropriate employment service for the job seeker.

Job seekers may be referred for an employment services assessment by Services Australia, or by an employment services provider.

More information about the Job Seeker Classification Instrument (JSCI).

More information about Employment Service Assessments.

Protecting IT infrastructure

The Department undertakes a range of digital information assurance activities to support the delivery of employment services.

More information about third party IT / employment systems.

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