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I want information about my rights and responsibilities as an employer

As an employer in Australia you are required to adhere to Australia‘s National Workplace Relations System. It provides a safety net of minimum terms and conditions of employment and establishes a range of workplace rights and responsibilities for businesses, employers and employees.

Understand your rights and responsibilities as a an employer

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  • I need to know what my rights and responsibilities are as a business owner

The Fair Work Ombudsman can help you understand your rights and obligations under Australian workplace laws. Their website provides information and advice about your workplace rights and entitlements and has a range of helpful information, tools and resources that can help you resolve workplace issues. 

National Workplace Relations System

Fair Work Ombudsman

How to achieve a work life balance for your staff with flexible work arrangements

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  • My staff are interested in flexible working arrangements

Many businesses are embracing flexible work arrangements. There are many reasons why your staff may be considering flexible working arrangements, including parent and carer responsibilities, volunteering in their community, or pursuing study or further training.

The Fair work Ombudsman has information, advice and guides to help you navigate flexible work arrangements, including employee entitlements and negotiating flexible arrangements with your staff.

You can also see how other Australian small businesses have incorporated flexible working arrangements into their business. 

Fair Work Ombudsman

See flexible work arrangements in action.

Government Agencies that deliver national workplace relations system

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  • I need information on Australia’s National Workplace Relations System

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