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The Australian Government is committed to identifying and developing innovative approaches and programs to help Australians find sustainable employment.

Support Indigenous communities and organisations to deliver employment services in Yarrabah, Queensland

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  • Indigenous Australians in Yarrabah who are in receipt of income support

The Australian Government has invested $5 million over four years for the trial of a place-based employment services model in the Indigenous community of Yarrabah in norther Queensland.

Explore Australia through seasonal work opportunities in horticulture

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  • I’m interested in agriculture and seasonal work on farms
  • I’d like to earn up to $5,000 on top of my income support payments

Seasonal work gives you the opportunity to see Australia and help our farmers. The Seasonal Work Incentives Trial is available to job seekers who are interested in agriculture and seasonal work on farms. You could earn up to $5,000 on top of your income support payments. You can also search for seasonal work through the Harvest Trial site. Visit the below websites to find out if you are eligible.

Seasonal Work Incentives Trial

Harvest Labour Services

Harvest Trail

Assisting mature aged people to get a competitive edge in their local labour market

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  • I’m 45 years of age or older
  • I want to explore a new career path
  • I want to gain new skills

The Career Transition Assistance Program aim is to help people who are 45 years of age or older gain new digital skills, and tailor their job applications to opportunities available in their local labour market.

The Career Transition Assistance is available to people 45 years of age or over and registered with an employment services provider. 

Career Transition Assistance

Working with local communities to develop employment initiatives to improve regional employment outcomes

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  • I live in one of the 10 selected regions

The Regional Employment Trials (RET) are bringing together local governments, employers, training organisations, not-for-profits, employment services providers and other community organisations to develop tailored employment initiatives that meet local needs and improve regional employment outcomes in 10 disadvantaged regions across Australia.

Local stakeholders in the 10 selected regions are encouraged to develop employment project proposals for initial consideration by their local Regional Development Australia (RDA) committees. Activities are expected to better connect employers with regional Australians looking for work, identify future employment, training or work experience opportunities, and help address local skills gaps.

Regional Employment Trials

Other trials

New Employment Services Trial
Online Employment Services Trial
Volunteer Online Employment Services Trial

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