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I want to invest in my business digitally

Investing in digital technologies and building your business’s online capability can help increase productivity and save your business time and money. The Australian Government has a range of digital programs and advice services to help you start your business’s digital transformation.

Low-cost digital advice and training

Is this for my business?

  • I need support taking my business online
  • I’m looking to invest in my business digitally

Small business owners can access digital advisory services to increase business opportunities. Services are available through the Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS).

The Digital Solutions program includes:

  • assessment of your small business needs, and
  • development of a tailored digital engagement plan.

You can get support with:

  • website development
  • selling online and e-invoicing
  • social media and digital marketing
  • using small business software, and
  • online security and data privacy.

Find your local ASBAS Adviser

Financial assistance and mentoring to invest in your business’s digital technology

Small Business Digital Champions

Is this for my business?

  • My business wants to increase our digitally potential
  • My business needs assistance going digital

If you’re thinking about how to improve the digital potential of your business, you can get inspiration by following the stories of our 15 Small Business ‘Digital Champions’.

As part of the Small Business Digital Champions Project, 100 Australian small businesses have been selected to receive up to $20,000 to digitally transform their business.

Our 15 Digital Champions will be mentored by high-profile Australian small business leaders who have leveraged technology for business success.

Small Business Digital Champions

Making it simpler to compete for Government ICT work

Is this for my business?

  • My business offers Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services

If your business provides digital services, the Digital Marketplace offers a simple and fast way for you to bid for Government ICT work.

The Digital Marketplace encourages government buyers to open their procurement to more sellers of digital (ICT) services, which is increasing competition and providing more opportunities for small businesses.

You can sign up as a seller on the Digital Marketplace. New sellers can join at any time and services can be offered across a range of digital service categories.

Visit the Digital Marketplace and find out how to become a seller.

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