Incorporating Indigenous workforce strategies

Incorporating Indigenous workforce strategies into all major COAG reforms.

As a result of the National Partnership Agreement on Indigenous Economic Participation (the ‘Agreement’), governments made a commitment to incorporate Indigenous workforce strategies into all major Council of Australian Government (COAG) reforms. Through this principle, governments will leverage their investments to drive Indigenous employment outcomes, and contribute to the COAG target to halve the gap in employment outcomes between Indigenous and non Indigenous Australians within a decade.

Where a new national partnership agreement or other major COAG reform is being developed, the national partnership agreement or reform should make an explicit commitment to incorporating an Indigenous workforce strategy as appropriate. Governments should also incorporate Indigenous workforce strategies into national partnership agreement implementation plans.

Relevant national partnerships include those that include workforce development or growth measures, or procurement or provision of a service. Examples include:

  • Construction and infrastructure projects including refurbishments and maintenance.
  • Early childhood workforce development measures.
  • Education and training workforce development measures.
  • Health workforce development measures.

The Indigenous workforce strategy principle is to be applied broadly across all national partnership agreements and is not limited only to those agreements that directly relate to Indigenous Australians.

A COAG Indigenous Reform Circular has also been distributed to all Commonwealth, state and territory government agencies responsible for implementing the Indigenous workforce strategy principle.