Increasing Indigenous public sector employment

As a result of the Council of Australian Government’s National Partnership Agreement on Indigenous Economic Participation, a commitment was made to increase Indigenous employment across the public sector to 2.6 percent by 2015 to reflect the national Indigenous working age population share. Each jurisdiction party to the Agreement, including the Commonwealth, has set a public sector Indigenous employment target that contributes toward achieving the national 2.6 percent target by 2015.

Increasing Indigenous employment in the Commonwealth Public Sector

As party to the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) National Partnership on Indigenous Economic Participation, the Commonwealth has agreed to increase Indigenous employment across the Commonwealth public sector to 2.7 percent by 2015.

The Australian Government, through the Australian Public Service Commission is working on strategies to:

  • increase Indigenous employment in the Commonwealth public sector;
  • translate the national target to organisational-level actions; and,
  • ensure agency accountability.

The APS Commission supports the recruitment, development and career progression of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the APS by implementing Public Calling - The APS Indigenous Employment Strategy.

Indigenous employment support services (non-APS)

As part of the support available to Commonwealth agencies (non-APS) under the Indigenous Employment Program an Indigenous employment service provider has been engaged to deliver a range of services to build organisational capability to recruit and retain Indigenous staff. Eligible Commonwealth public sector organisations can utilise a range of Indigenous employment services under this arrangement including recruitment support, mentoring, workforce development and cultural awareness training.

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Please contact your relevant state or territory government directly for information about initiatives to increase Indigenous public sector employment in your state or territory.