Information for employers on Connections for Quality


Connections for Quality is able to provide you with more information about your local jobactive and Disability Employment Service (DES) providers.

By going to the Australian JobSearch (AJS) website and searching for a provider you will be able to read about a provider’s services and skills to help you with your recruitment needs and find the most suitable employees for your business.

Providers are able to make available valuable information about their organisation and what they can offer you as an employer. Information such as:

  • the business relationships they have within the local community. 
  • how they might specialise in a particular industry
  • how they can work with you in addressing a recognised skills shortage in the region.

jobactive providers also publish their Service Delivery Plans on the services tab for each provider at JobSearch.

This information is provided in relation to Service Quality Indicators addressed by providers in AJS.

The five Service Quality Indicators are:

  1. Our Job Seekers
  2. Our Employers
  3. Our Networks
  4. Our Performance
  5. About Us

Not only can you utilise Connections for Quality to find a provider, you also have the ability to comment about services you may have received while working with one of the providers by completing a feedback form.

More information about Connections for Quality is available on the Australian JobSearch website.