Information for job seekers on Connections for Quality

Connections for Quality will provide you with information about your local jobactive or Disability Employment Service (DES) provider.

By going to the Australian JobSearch (AJS) website and searching for a provider you will be able to read about their services and skills to help you find the best employment or training to suit your individual needs.

jobactive and DES providers are able to share valuable information about their organisation and what they can offer you as a job seeker under Service Quality Indicators.

The five Service Quality Indicators are:

  1. Our Job Seekers
  2. Our Employers
  3. Our Networks
  4. Our Performance
  5. About Us

jobactive providers also publish their Service Delivery Plans on Connections for Quality.

Not only can you use Connections for Quality to find a provider, you also have the ability to comment about services you have received while being assisted by a provider.

Under each Service Quality Indicator listed above, you will find a feedback form. This is where you can indicate if the information provided is enough for you to make an informed choice of provider to assist you to find a job.

You are also able to comment on your experience and satisfaction with provider services in relation to the information available to you. For example, if you have received helpful service from a provider, you would complete the feedback form under the Our Job Seekers tab, commenting on the services you received and what the provider did for you to make such a good impression.

Your feedback is not viewed by providers but sent by secure email to the Department of Education, Skills and Employment. Keeping this in mind, please note the feedback form is not a place to up load your CV, leave personal details or get in contact with a provider.

More information about Connections for Quality is available on the Australian JobSearch website.