Information for job seekers who wish to access jobactive services as a volunteer

Many job seekers who receive income support payments are required to use jobactive services to find work. Job seekers who are not required to use jobactive may be able to access jobactive services as volunteers.

Volunteer job seekers can access jobactive employment services for up to six months.

Am I eligible to volunteer for jobactive?

You may be eligible to be a volunteer job seeker if you:

  • receive income support such as the Parenting Payment (with a youngest child aged under six), Carer Payment, Age Pension or Sickness Allowance
  • receive the Disability Support Pension or Special Benefit and do not have participation requirements
  • study full-time as part of an apprenticeship or traineeship.

You can also volunteer for jobactive if you do not get income support, provided you are not:

  • a full-time student
  • in paid employment for 15 hours or more per week
  • an overseas visitor on a working holiday visa
  • an overseas student studying in Australia
  • prohibited by law from working in Australia.

What help can I get?

If you are an eligible volunteer job seeker, you can get help from a local jobactive provider to:

  • write a résumé
  • look for work
  • prepare for interviews
  • understand the skills that local employers need
  • use self-help facilities
  • find and keep a job.

If you want to start and run a new small business, you may also be eligible to participate in the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS).

You can also look for jobs through the Find a Job search on the jobactive website or through the free Job Seeker JobSearch app available from iTunes and Google Play.

The Career Quiz app can also help you find out about the types of work that might suit you, as well as useful information like how many people are employed in certain industries and what they earn. You can download the Career Quiz from iTunes or Google Play store or take the quiz on the Job Outlook website.

How do I volunteer for jobactive?

  • Call the Employment Services Information Line on 13 62 68 to find out if you are eligible to be a volunteer job seeker
  • Find your local jobactive provider and ask about directly registering with them

Note that call charges apply to ‘13’ numbers from mobile phones.