Information for jobactive providers on Connections for Quality

Connections for Quality has been introduced to deliver better information for job seekers, employers and the wider community on the nature and services delivered by jobactive providers.

Connections for Quality is an opportunity for providers to showcase their organisation and any specialty services, relationships, or achievements that set them apart, particularly at a local level.

As well as their Service Delivery Plans, the Connections for Quality screen enables each jobactive provider to publish claims against each of the five Service Quality Indicators on the Australian JobSearch website.

Providers can use Connections for Quality to promote how their local service strategies and community connections help them deliver their services for the unemployed. Accordingly, this allows job seekers and employers to make more informed choices in relation to their individual needs when choosing a provider.

The five Service Quality Indicators are:

  1. Our Job Seekers
  2. Our Employers
  3. Our Networks
  4. Our Performance, and
  5. About Us

More information for providers about Connections for Quality is available on the Australian JobSearch website.