Job Seeker Classification Instrument (JSCI)

The JSCI (also known as the ‘Job Seeker Snapshot’) is a questionnaire used to:

  • measure a job seeker’s relative difficulty in gaining and maintaining employment
  • help identify what level of support the job seeker will need to help them find work
  • identify those job seekers who have complex or multiple barriers to employment that need further assessment.

Job seekers complete the JSCI when they first register for employment assistance with Services Australia and any time they experience a change in their circumstances. The JSCI responses determine the appropriate employment service for the job seeker.

Services Australia or employment services providers conduct the JSCI with job seekers. Job seekers participating in the Online JSCI Trial can complete their JSCI using the Job Seeker Snapshot on the jobactive website. In general, job seekers participating in jobactive, Disability Employment Services (DES), Community Development Program (CDP), Transition to Work, Time to Work and ParentsNext employment services need a JSCI.

For information on JSCIs conducted by employment service providers, refer to the following guidelines specific to the respective programs:

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