Job seeker compliance data

The Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business (formerly the Department of Jobs and Small Business) publishes quarterly reports on a range of job seeker compliance data.

Quarterly compliance data has been available on the department’s website since 2006. The data relates to those job seekers on activity tested income support payments for the relevant quarter, and many of the indicators are broken down by categories such as age, gender, payment type and employment service program - i.e. jobactive, Disability Employment Services (DES) and the Community Development Program (CDP).

The data includes a range of statistics on job seeker attendance at appointments with employment services providers, income support payment suspensions, the number and type of non-compliance reported and the number of participation failures and financial penalties applied.

There is a time lag of at least six weeks from the end of the quarter before the data is extracted to minimise any effect on the data of successful appeals against compliance action by job seekers.

Explanatory Notes on how the compliance framework works are available for your assistance.

Changes to the format of Data

Changes to the format of the quarterly job seeker compliance data have been made from the September 2015 quarter due to changes to the job seeker compliance framework from 1 July 2015. A Summary of the Changes to Job Seeker Compliance Data has been provided. This includes historical time series of revised tables dating back to 1 July 2014. Given the structural breaks in time series for some data items, caution should be exercised in comparing results before and after 1 July 2015.

Compliance Data

Information on Historical Data

An Independent Review was undertaken in 2010 to examine the operation of the Job Seeker Compliance Framework introduced in 2009. To ensure comparisons of data can be made over multiple years, the department has provided an updated version of the tables in the data annexure from the Independent Review. Both the revised annexure and the quarterly reports released on this website, since July 2011, utilise the same methodology in the production of data.

Revised tables from the Data Annexure of the Independent Review

The original version of the tables in the data annexure can be found within the Report of the Independent Review.

Attendance Data

Commencing from the June quarter of 2011-12, the methodology for extracting attendance data was revised. Due in part to technical constraints, the old methodology measured attendance only at Job Services Australia (JSA) initial and contact appointments. That is, it did not include all appointment types for which a job seeker could incur a failure and did not include Disability Employment Services (DES) appointments. The new methodology gives a more accurate indication of the rate at which activity tested job seekers are attending compulsory appointments. It includes DES appointments and is based on all relevant appointment types for those required under social security law to attend them. Historical data showing attendance rates using both the old and new methodology is attached.