Jobs and Training Compact Evaluation

The Jobs and Training Compact was a package of labour market initiatives introduced in 2009 in response to the Global Financial Crisis. It incorporated separate compacts with retrenched workers, young Australians and local communities, and included additional funding for existing programmes, changes to income support eligibility requirements and new programmes.

The objectives of the Jobs and Training Compact were to:

  • reduce the unemployment duration of retrenched workers
  • assist the job retention and employment viability among disadvantaged groups and regions
  • build the national skills and capacity base for all Australians and improve transitions into further education, training and employment
  • ensure support for individuals and regions particularly vulnerable during economic downturns.

The Jobs and Training Compact evaluation examined the overall performance of the Jobs and Training Compact in meeting its objectives and the performance of its major elements. The evaluation assessed performance through the extent to which it was used by the groups it was targeted to and its effectiveness and efficiency as an integrated response to the global economic downturn.

The strategy which outlines how the department planned to evaluate the Jobs and Training Compact is available.

The final Jobs and Training Compact evaluation report is avialable.