Jobs for you to consider in your 40s, 50s and 60s

Throughout your life, you’ve gained valuable skills and knowledge from your career, study and life experiences. Now is your opportunity to use what you have learned to find a job that brings financial security and suits your lifestyle. 

Here are some jobs that may be right for you.


If you’re seeking more flexibility in your work, transitioning into a consultancy role will allow you to be your own boss. In turn, this will mean you can set your own schedule, and your own rate of pay. The ATO has lots of advice about setting up your own consultancy and applying for an ABN. Also it might be a good idea to talk with a trusted accountant.


Similar to a consultant, if you have gained practical skills or have specialised knowledge, you should consider a teaching/training role. This could be either in a formal capacity at TAFE, University, Registered training organisation, school or as a private tutor.

Start your own business

A great way to find a job is to become your own boss. Entrepreneurship facilitators can help you turn your business ideas into a meaningful job. From January 2019, 20 facilitators will focus their time to help Australians 45 years and older with their business ideas.

You may also be eligible for the New Enterprise Assistance Scheme (NEIS). NEIS can provide small business training, income support while you set up your business and mentoring as you launch it.

Customer service

Customer service roles can provide you flexibility as some shifts occur beyond traditional business hours and on a part-time basis. This may allow you to spend more time with family, explore hobbies and contribute to the community.


Drive sharing services such as Uber, Shebah and Ola have revolutionised the transportation industry.  Whether you drive people or deliver food or goods, delivery drivers are always in high demand.


If you love the great outdoors, or have a passion for art or culture, consider becoming a guide. This may provide an opportunity to combine your work with an interest.

Research Assistant

A research assistant may be the role for you, especially if you have developed specific expertise in particular fields. These roles are often flexible in their hours and allow you to share your insights and demonstrate your research skills on important projects.


If finances are not your motivation for working, contributing to the community through volunteering may be something for you. Volunteers play an important role in supporting, shaping and enriching the Australian community. The skills you’ve gained in previous work and through life experience could translate well to numerous community organisations. Contact Volunteering Australia for more information.