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Jurra Industries - a small business with big ideas


A growing business, based in Toowomba, Jurra provides RPEQ mechanical engineering, custom manufacturing, process design and project management services to small businesses all the way up to multinationals.

Owners Trent Humphys and Tyson Cooney recognise the need for smart, streamlined digital systems to help them build relationships with prospects and clients to achieve their business goals.

Trent and Tyson and their digital mentor, Jason Robinson from RBK Advisory have been working closely with the Deloitte digital transformation leader. Jason and RBK Advisory are Xero award-winning accountants and advisors, and their existing relationship with Angus Capel (a small business digital champions mentor) and Xero has proved to be a real win for Trent and Tyson. The digital transformation process identified the biggest cost in Jurra’s business was time, and the best way to save time and improve the business was to implement a customer relationship management (CRM) package. Jason is a keen user of WorkflowMax and says, “a CRM like WorkflowMax becomes the central cog of your world – leads in, leads converted, jobs in, jobs out”

Trent Humphrys from Jurra Industries (right) with mentor Jason Robinson from RBK Advisory.
Trent Humphrys from Jurra Industries (right) with mentor Jason Robinson from RBK Advisory.

Xero has helped Jurra to embrace digital change and has provided them with access to WorkflowMax, a Xero-owned, all-in-one project management software tool. This cloud-based platform integrates seamlessly with Jurra’s Xero accounts system and will continue to help Trent and Tyson stay organised, reduce administration and save time and money, all the while helping develop and grow their business.

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